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sprocket manufacturers chennai

Based in Chennai for the last 5 decades, ARK Engineering Works and our sister concern – Dakshin Udyog have been pioneers and leaders in the manufacturing of components and spares required for the Bulk Material Handling applications.
ARKWORK Sprockets have been the benchmark of quality and reliable performance in the industry for more than 4 decades now.

  • Products we manufacture -

    • Conveyor Sprockets (of all Pitches),
    • Roller Chain Sprockets (of all Pitches),
    • Traction Wheels (Trailing Wheels),
    • Idler Wheels,
    • Timing Pulleys,
    • Shafts,
    • Gears

Our products have found favour and have been appreciated by our customers not only in India but in countries across the globe. The Sprockets and Traction Wheels shown above are just a select few from our manufacturing range.
Our products are applied in the entire spectrum of industries such as – Cement, Steel, Mining, Fertilizer, Power, Sugar, Chemical, Packaging, Oil & Gas, Escalator manufacturers, Paper & Pulp, Bottling & Beverage etc.
Any industry that uses conveyor systems requires the movement of material from one point to another. All such industries have found the benefits and quality of our ARKWORK Sprockets second to none.
Our technical expertise coupled with our unending commitment to highest standards of quality has ensured that our customers have enjoyed the benefits of highest possible quality of Sprockets, Traction Wheels, Idler Wheels, Timing Pulleys, Gears, Shafts in the market.

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