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ARK Engineering Works, established in 1964 has been engaged in the manufacture of “ARKWORK Sprockets”.

ARKWORK Sprockets are tailor made to suit customer’s requirements.

We specialize in - Manufacturing and Designing Sprockets for any type of Material Handling Equipment / Material Handling System / Transmission System.

Being "Industrial Dentists” for the last 5 decades we have value added to our sprockets

  • Unique "Baby Bottom Smooth Profile" ensures that the chain rollers engage effortlessly on the tooth contours of our ARKWORK Sprockets, giving longer life to the entire system.
  • "Induction hardening" and "Through hardening" of tooth portion give our ARKWORK Sprockets extended life expectancy.

  •  We manufacture sprockets in all grades of steel as required by our customers.

  •  We can manufacture Sprockets upto 3500mm in diameter and upto 450mm pitch.

  •  All items undergo a thorough and complete quality assurance check in all aspects prior to dispatch.


bucket elevator sprockets

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