About the Company

At ARK Engineering Works we are engaged in the manufacture, supply and export of custom manufactured chains, sprockets and related elementsfor use in a variety of bulk material handling systems. The company was founded in the year 1966. Since then over the decades, we have moved from small beginnings to where we are currently.

We have evolved from a domestic supplier to being a respected and trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Heavy Duty Engineering Class Chains and Sprockets to many countries across the world both directly and indirectly through our customers in various industrial sectors.

Being in the manufacturing sector for over 50 years, we have gleaned much experience and expertise not only in the latest and most effective manufacturing practices but also in metallurgy. This has enabled us to understand our customer’s requirements in a manner that helps us provide them hassle free solutions regarding design, selection of materials and improvement over existing equipment.

Our product range includes Central Bucket Elevator Chains, Pan Conveyor Chains, Apron Conveyor Chains, Single Strand Bucket Elevator Chains, Double Strand Bucket Elevator Chains, Reclaimer Chains, Crank Link Chains, Welded Drag Chains, Bucket Belt Chains, Forged Block Scraper Chains and Special Purpose Chains to name a few. When it comes to Wheels and Sprockets, we can manufacture a large variety in cast or fabricated styles that include single piece, segmented and split constructions.

Our ARK Chains and Sprockets find wide application in a plethora of engineering and industrial sectors such as – Cement, Steel, Power, Mining, Fiber, Chemical, Fertilizer, Bottling, Beverage, Theme Parks, Food Processing, Timer Handling, Wood Processing, Meat and Dairy Plants, Ovens etc. to name a few.

The ARK brand name is synonymous with value, quality, reliability and durability.