We are an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified quality conscious organization and we give utmost importance to each product that we supply. To ensure that the finished product meets stringent quality standards, we use only the highest grade of raw material which is rigorously tested at source. Additionally all products are inspected stage wise to ensure complete compliance with ISO quality standards.

CNC controlled turning and machining processes ensure that all components have the accurate and closely controlled tolerances. Our value addition services such as heat treatment of various types such as induction hardening, through hardening and case carburizing coupled with in depth inspection of every product supplied ensures that our customers receive nothing but the most durable, reliable and cost effective spares.

Advantages of choosing our Chains and Sprockets
  • High Tensile and Fatigue Strength
  • High Resistance to Wear and Tear
  • Quality You Can Rely On
  • Long Service Life of Products
  • People You Can Trust
  • Increased productivity during operation
  • Reduced downtime during maintenance
  • Reduced Replacement Costs
  • On Time Delivery, Every Single Time