Forged Block Scraper Chains

Our Forged Block Scraper Chains can be manufactured in a wide variety of models especially for use in industries such as Cement, Mining, Power plants. These chains can be run in a single or double strand operation for drag and enmasse handling.

Scraper conveyors generally use single or double strand chains. Flights are either welded directly onto the chain or bolted onto chain attachments. Scraper chains have a wide range of application such as moving feed, ash, cement, wood shavings, slag etc.

Forged fork link chain is one of the most reliable conveying chains offering a combination of versatility, strength and abrasion resistance. These chains are well established worldwide. With a wide variety of materials, heat treatments and flight formats the chain is proven in both drag and enmasse handling.

All forged construction with through hardened links and induction hardened pins assures long operating life