Reclaimer Chains And Stacker Chains

Our Reclaimer Chains and Stacker Chains are manufactured in a wide variety of models especially for use in industries such as Cement for applications such as Limestone, Coal and Slag Reclaimers. These chains are run in a double strand operation.

All ARK chain side bars, pins, bushes and rollers are hardened and tempered to optimum levels. Choice of the most suitable raw materials coupled with carefully crafted heat treatment techniques ensure the best wear resistance for all components.

Reclaimer chains and flight assemblies function like scraper conveyors with scraper blades that push material such as limestone, coal, slag etc. toward a belt feeding conveyor. ARK Reclaimer Chains for this demanding application provide long service life to achieve the best overall value. These chains have large bearing areas, high hardnesses and deep case depths to provide the best performance